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Galvanizing Faith Groups: Podcast


Dec 15, 2020


In the second episode of our second season we are focusing on faith groups - as many faiths have major celebrations this month.

Host Kim Borrowdale talks with our director of Faith Community Engagement, Glen Bloomstrom about galvanizing faith groups. Chaplain Bloomstrom served three decades as an activity duty Chaplain in the Army and is a LivingWorks ASIST and safeTALK trainer as well as the team lead for our newest online program, LivingWorks Faith.

During their conversation they explore faith communities and suicide prevention. Faith communities play a critical role in providing connectedness, fostering resiliency, and offering hope. Hope is of paramount importance now as the pandemic drags on so we “hope” you’ll give it a listen!

Listen here and subscribe:

Our podcasts come out every second week and to keep the conversation alive—and people alive because that’s what happens when you talk about suicide: you save lives!—we have a Podclub! Watch our social networks (scroll to the bottom of the page for links) for questions that accompany each episode and get a group together - virtually, or in-person and socially distanced if you are in an area that requires it, and tackle the questions together.