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How It All Began: Podcast


Sep 7, 2021


You know us today as a global leader in suicide intervention. We have thousands of trainers in workplaces and communities around the world teaching gold class suicide first aid programs like the two day ASIST workshop, the half day safeTALK suicide alert helper workshop and now the 90- minute online interactive introduction to suicide first aid, LivingWorks Start. These are programs that have been endorsed in more than 50 peer reviewed journals around the world. They have informed international policy and are implemented everywhere from schools to military bases, hospitals to sports clubs and everything in between.

But do you know how it all started almost 40 years ago? In 1983 to be precise.

Coming together from diverse backgrounds including social work, psychiatry, and counselling, four men—Richard Ramsay, Bryan Tanney, Roger Tierney, and Bill Lang—had a radical idea: what if they could empower everyone to help save lives from suicide? Setting out to address the lack of effective skills among both laypeople and professionals, they developed the precursor to the current LivingWorks ASIST program and a Train-the-Trainer model to disseminate it.

Our third season of A World Where LivingWorks is an extra special one as our host Kim Borrowdale talks with LivingWorks co founder, Richard Ramsay. In each episode they’ll discuss the evolution of LivingWorks and suicide intervention practices – where we’ve come from and where we’re going when it comes to saving lives from suicide and supporting people to live well.

Episode one is out now! We’d love you to join us.

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