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LivingWorks’ Randy Thompson joins CIASP Board of Trustees


Mar 6, 2020

LivingWorks is thrilled to announce that Randy Thompson, Vice President of Business Development, has joined the Board of Trustees at CIASP—the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. Thompson was asked to join after the other trustees recognized that his background in mental and health and suicide prevention would be a significant asset in their mission of saving lives across the construction industry.

“I am honored and humbled to be appointed to this important Board,” said Thompson. “I’m feeling motivated and energized to help make a difference. As many of us know, the construction industry faces some real challenges when it comes to mental health and suicide, but fortunately there are also significant opportunities to make a difference through awareness, advocacy, and training—and that’s where I think we can create a big impact.”

Thompson, whose background includes social work, mental health, and employee assistance programs (EAPs), has recently been involved in bringing LivingWorks training to leading international property and infrastructure group Lendlease, who is also represented on CIASP’s Board of Trustees. He will apply his skills and expertise to help CIASP advance several of its strategic priorities for 2020, such as building awareness about suicide in the construction industry, creating a toolkit to empower construction workers and companies with life-saving skills, and establishing a solid Board structure to ensure ongoing success.

“CIASP’s work is about empowering everyone to be part of the solution,” said Thompson. “No matter who we are, everyone can play a role, and together we can make some real progress toward keeping people safe and alive throughout the construction industry.”