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Modern Masculinity: Podcast


Nov 24, 2020


In our second season of our podcast A World Where LivingWorks, episodes will discuss everything from modern masculinity to galvanizing faith groups. They will look at the challenges of walking in two worlds as Indigenous people...refugee and migrant families who call two countries home...and how to create safe spaces for LGBTIQ communities.

Our first episode this season is “Modern Masculinity”. Host Kim Borrowdale talks with clinical psychologist Dr. Zac Seidler. As a researcher and leading men’s mental health expert, he currently holds dual roles as Director of Mental Health Training at Movember and Research Fellow with Orygen at the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Seidler has dedicated his academic and professional career towards further understanding men’s mental health and masculinity. His ultimate goal is to help reduce the staggering rate of male suicide worldwide.

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Over the next few months episodes will be posted biweekly, and alongside each podcast will be Podclub! We have some questions—and you can add your own—and put together a group to discuss the podcast and really get people talking about, and maybe ending, suicide!