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Network of safety critical to protecting against suicide during COVID-19 crisis


Mar 26, 2020

LivingWorks, a global leader in suicide prevention, is concerned about people’s mental health as we try to cope with the realities of a world with COVID-19. It is reminding people that everyone can play a role in identifying and protecting someone at risk of suicide.

“We talk about checking in on your friends and neighbours to see if they need groceries or other assistance during this crisis. We should also be checking in on their mental health on a regular basis,” says Rick Trimp, President of LivingWorks. “This isn’t something that can be left only to mental health professionals. Family, friends, co-workers, faith leaders - we can and we must help one another through this difficult time.”

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in 25 people has thoughts of suicide at any given time. “There are many factors that increase risk for suicide, and with issues related to COVID-19 - unemployment, social isolation and financial problems - it’s difficult for any of us to cope. Those who may have been at risk before are more vulnerable than ever,” says Trimp.

Building a network of safety

“A network of safety is about more than protecting our physical needs. It’s also about connecting people with the skills required to recognize when others are struggling with their mental health, with those who need it most,” Trimp adds.“When we all work together, this creates a network of safety in our communities.”

LivingWorks Start is the first step in the continuum of safety skills offered by LivingWorks. It is a 90-minute online program that anyone can take to be trained to recognize the signs of suicide and take life-saving action by connecting those at risk to hope and safety.

As a way to make Start available to even more people during this critical time, LivingWorks is offering the Start program at a reduced cost that makes the program accessible to just about anyone. The company will also direct a portion of every sale of Start between now and June 30, 2020 to support suicide prevention initiatives related to COVID-19.

To learn more about Start, visit our site or watch this video.

About LivingWorks:

LivingWorks is the world’s leading provider of suicide prevention solutions. It has more than 35 years of history and expertise and has trained 2.3 million people worldwide. Its programs have been evaluated in more than 50 peer-reviewed articles, and its ASIST and safeTALK programs are recognized best practices, used by crisis hotlines throughout the world. LivingWorks’ vision is a world free from suicide loss. It strives to accomplish this by providing high-quality training programs that empower everyone to be part of the solution.

Media Contact:

Lisa Rushka, APR
Media Relations, LivingWorks