LivingWorks Brand Guidelines

LivingWorks Brand Guidelines

Since 1983, LivingWorks has been the world’s leading provider of suicide intervention training programs. From social workers to military service members to taxi drivers, and everyone in between, these integrated programs empower people to help keep someone safer from suicide.

The LivingWorks corporate logo is our badge and our emblem. It represents us in the public sphere and it creates, promotes, and protects the integrity of our programs and mission to keep people safer from suicide. It embodies the spirit of the organization and should be clearly used to identify all LivingWorks material.

Primary Logo

The LivingWorks triangle logo, adopted in 2019, contains multiple layers of meaning:

It contains our initials L and W, representing our overarching brand that encompasses all of our programs and activities.

It is shaped like a triangle, the symbol for delta, reflecting the change we aim to create in the world by saving lives from suicide.

It is also shaped like a mountain, honoring our founders and origins near the Rocky Mountains.

There are paths inside it, reflecting the paths that people take in their journeys toward safety, growth, and recovery.


Primary Colors

Color is vitally important in establishing our brand. Consistent use of our colors ensures our brand is portrayed correctly.

Below are the color codes for our primary colors:

Print (CMYK):
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 0
Web (RGB): R 255 G 255 B 255
Hex Code: #ffffff

Print (CMYK):
C 55 M 0 Y 14 K 0
Web (RGB): R 95 G 208 B 223
Hex Code: #5fd0df

Print (CMYK):
C 33 M 49 Y 68 K 0
Web (RGB): R 162 G 124 B 91
Hex Code: #a27c5b
*Request gradient from

Print (CMYK):
C 100 M 62 Y 35 K 15
Web (RGB): R 0 G 86 B 119
Hex Code: #005677

Blue Grey
Print (CMYK):
C 79 M 47 Y 32 K 6
Web (RGB): R 63 G 115 B 141
Hex Code: #3f738d

Print (CMYK):
C 8 M 7 Y 11 K 0
Web (RGB): R 233 G 230 B 223
Hex Code: #e9e6df

Be mindful how colors are used, light colors should only be put on darker colors for the best accessibility, i.e. do not put Aqua on Putty as it is hard to read, as is Putty on White.

Logos colors


The LivingWorks logo is comprised of the golden triangle and logotype. The logos at the top of the colors are the primary logos. Use these whenever possible.

Options are provided with different aspect rations so no matter what space the logo needs to live in, there is an option that works.

Please email to get the logo package.

Primary 40th Logo

40th Anniversary Logo

In 2023, LivingWorks is celebrating our 40th year of building hope and providing suicide prevention training.

It is important that the logo enhancement does not alter or distract from LivingWorks logo identity that represents us across the globe.

The 40th anniversary logo does come in a horizontal version, however the primary, shown here, is the preferred version. This also comes in black.

Please email to get the logo package.

Program Logos

Program Logos

LivingWorks ASIST is an acronym, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training and must be capitalized. Be careful not to allow spellcheck to autocorrect the spelling.

LivingWorks safeTALK must start with a lowercase “s”. safe is an acronym for suicide aware for everyone. TALK is an acronym for the TALK steps Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe and must be capitalized.

LivingWorks Start and Faith are presented with only uppercase first letters.

Program logos are provided in 2 orientations (primary and horizontal) and 4 colorways.

On dark backgrounds the triangle should always be in copper, the type in white or putty, and the program name in teal.

Please email to get the logo package.

Logo Usage

Logo Guidelines

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified, or added to. Its orientation, color, and composition should remain as indicated.

Do not make company logos smaller than 0.375".

Do not make 40th anniversary logos smaller than 0.7".

Do not rotate the logo.

Do not stretch or alter the proportions of the logo.

Do not change the logo color.

Do not change the arrangement of the logo.



Source Sans Pro is LivingWorks primary typeface for body copy and subheadings. The large font family allows for ease of use. Our printing standard for body copy is 12/16 pts. This standard allows for readability across a wider audience.

The entire font family is available for free download via Google fonts, which can be downloaded here.

Libre Baskerville is LivingWorks' secondary typeface and used for headings, and numbers. The contrast between Source Sans Pro and Libre Baskerville allows for effective visual hierarchy.

The entire font family is available for free download via Google fonts, which can be downloaded here.

Additional Resources

Please contact for questions and requests.

PDF versions of brand guidelines

LivingWorks Brand Guidelines

LivingWorks 40th Anniversary Logo Guide