National Strategies 

Australia National Suicide Prevention Strategy

England: Preventing suicides in England - A cross government outcome strategy to save lives

New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy 2006-2016

Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy 2012-March 2014

Scotland Suicide Prevention Strategy 2013-2016

Scotland: Choose Life A National Strategy & Action Plan to Prevent Suicides in Scotland

Scotland’s Strategy: First Phase Evaluation 

United States National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

Wales: The National Action Plan to reduce suicides and self harm in Wales 2009-2014

World Health Organization

Preventing Suicide: A global imperative

Public Health Action for the Prevention of Suicide—A Framework


National Suicide Prevention Strategies

National Strategy for Suicide Prevention in Japan: Impact of a national fund on progress of developing systems for suicide prevention and implementing initiatives among local authorities

National Suicide Prevention Strategies: A Comparison

Norwegian Plan for Suicide Prevention 1994-1999 Evaluation Findings

Norwegian Plan for Suicide Prevention: Follow up Project 2000-2002 Building on Positive Experiences

Suicide Prevention—A vital national public health issue

Annual Reports

Ireland's National Office for Suicide Prevention Annual report 2012

Ireland's National Office for Suicide Prevention Annual report 2013

Safe Communities

Manifesto for Safe Communities

CASP Blueprint

WHO Collaborating Centre on Community Safety Promotion—Sweden

Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation UK

Canadian Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention

Champlain East Resource Guidelines

National Collaborative on Suicide Prevention—Draft framework for collaboration 

Designated Safe Communities in Canada

Safe Communities America Network

Additional Resources

A Manager's Guide to suicide postvention in the workplace

Preventing Suicides: A Resource for Media Professionals

Resources for Clinician survivors

Suicide Prevention and the Clinical Workforce: Guidelines for Training

Zero Suicide