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LivingWorks Connect

LivingWorks Connect is our upcoming integrated online platform. Easily accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone, LivingWorks Connect offers powerful tools and resources to LivingWorks customers, trainees, and trainers. As we announce new features and timelines for LivingWorks Connect, we'll share them on this page.

LW Connect trainee

LivingWorks Connect: Benefits for trainees

All LivingWorks trainees will gain lifelong membership in LivingWorks Connect as part of their training, ensuring ongoing access to resources and support. Here are some of the benefits LivingWorks Connect will offer to trainees:

  • Access crisis and safety resources tailored to your area
  • Practice and walk through an intervention
  • Record intervention details to refer back to later
  • Connect to other LivingWorks trainees in your safety network
  • Learn more about suicide prevention and mental health
Connect dashboard

LivingWorks Connect: Benefits for organizations

Organizations implementing LivingWorks training will have access to powerful data and analytics through LivingWorks Connect. This information will help maximize the value of their training while allowing them to see the impact in real time, including:

  • See how many people the organization has trained
  • Sort trainees by location, department, and other demographics
  • View improvements in trainee skills and readiness
  • Track interventions in real time using the LivingWorks Care Tracker
  • Quickly connect with LivingWorks for support and assistance

Have questions about LivingWorks Connect?

LivingWorks Connect will offer capabilities unlike anything else in the suicide prevention field. Many early adopters have said these capabilities were a key factor in their decision to work with LivingWorks. To learn more about LivingWorks Connect and how it can support your community or organization, just fill out the contact form and we'll follow up within 24 hours.