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Bill Lang, Ph.D.

Board of Directors and Co-Founder

Bill Lang, Ph.D., was a founding member of the RTTL partnership, created in 1983, and continues to serve on the LivingWorks Board of Directors to this day. A teacher and counselor by training, he obtained his doctorate at the University of Calgary in 1982.

While his primary work was as a co-founder of LivingWorks and the then-sole counselor at the Banff Centre of Fine Arts, he also taught graduate courses at the University of Calgary and provided counseling and secondary special education in the public school system. Bill was a partner in the Orion Group, where he provided consulting and psychological services.

A prolific writer and formerly LivingWorks Lead Designer, he has contributed to the development of virtually all of LivingWorks programs since the company's inception. As a member of the Board, he now holds the title of Senior Consultant and continues to take a leading hand in creating and refining programs. His research interests include small group and personality theory, suicidology, research and statistical design, and program evaluation.

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