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Trena Anastasia, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Design, Development & Evaluation

Trena Anastasia, Ph.D., is a thought leader in the field of suicidology, particularly in community engagement and collective impact, as well as in rural suicide prevention. As Executive Vice President of Design, Development & Evaluation, she works to develop new programs and ensure that existing curricula reflect current knowledge in suicide prevention.

She has extensive experience in the suicidology field, having served as Wyoming’s suicide prevention evaluator for eight years. As well, Trena was a research scientist at the University of Wyoming, evaluated Garrett Lee Smith grants, contributed to the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Transforming Communities task force, and has presented at the American Association for Suicidology's annual conference more than 10 times, where she also serves as a poster reviewer.

Widely published and a popular presenter, Trena earned her Ph.D. in Education at Colorado State University and is a graduate of RTI Rochester.

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