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Sharon Sutton

Executive Vice President, Program Planning and Delivery

Sharon Sutton has extensive experience in counseling and clinical psychology, and is both a LivingWorks ASIST and LivingWorks safeTalk trainer. As Executive Vice President of Program Planning and Delivery she oversees strategic planning, implementation, and delivery of LivingWorks programs and contracts.

A Veteran of the United States Army, Sharon served as an officer, a professor at West Point, a social entrepreneur, and has worked around the US in states including Alabama, North Carolina, New York, Maryland and Texas.

During her recent time as a civilian worker at the Fort Hood military base, she was instrumental in creating a viable suicide prevention program for soldiers and the surrounding community including local school systems. The results of her efforts included 5,000 school-age children, staff, and faculty being trained in suicide prevention and awareness, and 15,000 members of Fort Hood being trained in LivingWorks ASIST.

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