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Online and in-person training for every need

There are many different roles to play in suicide prevention. No matter what your role is, we have a training program to help you prepare.

LivingWorks Start: 90-minute online training that provides knowledge and skills to recognize when someone is struggling and keep them safe. Learn anytime, anywhere.

LivingWorks Faith: 5-6 hour online training for Christian ministry leaders. Covers prevention, intervention, and postvention in a theologically grounded context.

In-person training programs: Our renowned in-person programs—such as LivingWorks safeTALK and LivingWorks ASIST—include protective measures to minimize the risks of COVID-19.

LivingWorks Start – 90 minutes online LivingWorks Faith – 5-6 hours online LivingWorks safeTALK & ASIST – In-person