New Zealand Participant Kit Order Form

  • Orders for materials must be placed by or on behalf of an active LivingWorks trainer.
  • New Zealand participant resources reflect adaptations to support your region. This includes key translation of terms in Maori and local crisis line resources. These adaptations are reflected in the higher kit prices. Discounts for bulk orders are not available for the New Zealand adaptations.
  • Trainers have the option to order the standard North American participant kits. These participant kits are shipped from Canada (only) and all additional shipping, taxes and import duties will apply. To order or request a quote for North American resources, click here.
  • Allow at least three weeks for delivery unless special shipping requested. Orders placed under three weeks from required date may be subject to additional charges.
  • Shipping and handling fees apply to all orders.
  • Payment must be made by either VISA or MasterCard and is required before we can process your order.
  • Orders are Invoiced in New Zealand dollars, however payments are processed in Canadian dollars based on daily exchange rates. International transaction fees may apply. Please check with your financial institution for more information.
  • Please complete all ship-to and bill- to fields in full. If you are requesting a quote and do not have all details, enter N/A.
  • Materials are non-refundable. Please count all material immediately after delivery. Missing items cannot be replaced beyond 30 days after delivery.

Looking for materials not listed on this form? Please use the comment field to request information.

Trainer Information

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Invoicing and Shipping Details

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Shipping Address

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Workbook, wallet card, certificate, background and feedback forms. $42.50 per kit (NZ Dollars). 

Resource book, wallet card, stickers (2), certificate $21.25 per kit (NZ Dollars).

Shipping and Handling

Up to 50 kits, shipping and handling rate $50. For each additional 50 kits, add $20. Pickup only option: $30 handling fee. 

Tip: if you tab or click through each field before submitting your order, any missed mandatory fields will display in red. Please review your form details to ensure you have completed all required information. A confirmation page will be displayed for successfully submitted forms.