Celebrating 10 years of safeTALK

Since safeTALK launched in 2006, more than 300,000 people in 19 countries have learned to recognize when someone has thoughts of suicide and connect them with life-saving intervention resources. We invite you to become part of the safeTALK movement. Here are some ways you can learn more and take part!

What is safeTALK?

Designed to connect people with thoughts of suicide to intervention resources, safeTALK is built around the four TALK steps: Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe. Each year, safeTALK prepares over 60,000 people to ask: “Are you thinking about suicide?”

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Share your story

Every safeTALK attendee, trainer, and organizer has a story. We want to hear how safeTALK has made a difference in your life, workplace, or community. Share a story, photo, or video, and let us know what safeTALK means to you.

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News and stories

safeTALK features in news articles and user-submitted stories from around the world. Learn more about individuals and organizations using safeTALK training to create life-saving connections and make their communities safer from suicide.

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Get involved

safeTALK is for everyone who wants to help. In just half a day, anyone 15 or older can learn to connect people with thoughts of suicide to safety resources. Find a training near you, or learn how to become a trainer and provide safeTALK to others.

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