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This is your <H1> Title Tag

Which is the most important SEO element on the page. The

copy should contain to the most important keyword phrase for each page, with the supporting content and content strategy below it supporting and backing up that

keyword. Each page only has 1

title tag.

This is an <H2> heading

And should consist of supporting keywords to the

. Paragraph text and image alt text should contain all recommended keywords or close variants of those keywords. Keywords should be incorporated NATURALLY, it's equally important that website copy embodies the tone and voice of the LivingWorks Brand and creates a positive and cohesive user experience, as it is to utilize the recommended keywords.

Refer to the Keyword Matrix Document

There, each page has a specific SEO structure listed. Within the CMS, the recommendations for each page can be implemented. In the document, key SEO elements are highlighted: Suggested URL of the page (the url structure is important and is editable within the CMS), H1 Tag (what the page topic/theme should be), H2 tags (supporting topics and keywords of the H1), Text & Image Alt tags (for incorporating any of the keywords for the page, naturally while speaking to a user), and a keyword list to use and incorporate throughout the page - again, naturally. As the website grows, there are also additional page recomendations based on valuable keywords, which provide content growth and expansion for the website. This is a good long-term content strategy to keep in mind