Life-saving skills for 13 years of age and older

LivingWorks is the world's leading developer of suicide prevention training programs. Our LivingWorks Start program is a 90-minute online training that teaches how to recognize when an individual might be having thoughts of suicide and connect them to help. Traditionally, our programs were targeted for people 15 years of age and older. However, we are now designing programs to include 13- and 14-year-olds.

Thank you for choosing to participate in the program.

LW Start 13 yo

How to participate

LivingWorks Start is a positive, hopeful experience that teaches us that we can all play a role in preventing suicide. It engages with the subject matter in a thoughtful, compassionate way that is suitable for teen learners.

To support the learning process of 13 and 14 year olds, parents/guardians are requested to give consent for their teenagers’ participation and provide support.

A parent or guardian and their teen will complete LivingWorks Start and a brief survey. It will be important to work on the program separately, each on their own device. They will then come together to talk through a few questions about the experience. Those responses will help us to grow our program.

To get started, fill out this form

The participating parent (or guardian) should fill out the form below. In the "Enter text here" field, please confirm that you will be taking LivingWorks Start with your teenager.

Once you fill out the form, a LivingWorks representative will be in touch with details within 24 hours. Most often a parent and teen can complete the training, survey, and questionnaire in 2½ hours. Thank you for your interest in learning these life-saving skills!