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LivingWorks suicide to Hope

Bringing a recovery and growth approach to suicide prevention

Once someone is safe after a suicide crisis, what's next? LivingWorks suicide to Hope provides skills any professional can use to help them work through their lingering thoughts of suicide and attain a higher quality of life.

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The LivingWorks suicide to Hope experience

LivingWorks suicide to Hope is a one-day face-to-face workshop for professional helpers. It features powerful audiovisuals, discussions, and simulations.

At LivingWorks suicide to Hope, you'll learn new counseling and support tools designed to help people with lingering thoughts of suicide. Modeled on recovery and growth techniques in post-traumatic stress counseling, these tools can integrate into any treatment approach.

A skilled facilitator will guide you through the course.

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What's the evidence?

LivingWorks suicide to Hope is based on extensive evidence of effectiveness for recovery and growth approaches. Initial studies of this novel program show promising impacts:

  • Initial studies suggest improvements in trainee skills and readiness
  • Initial studies suggest improvement in client outcomes
  • Evidence-informed with over 90 articles and studies consulted
  • Based on proven recovery and growth approaches
  • Developed using adult education best practices
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How LivingWorks suicide to Hope helps prevent suicide

Even after a LivingWorks ASIST intervention, thoughts of suicide sometimes linger as people feel "stuck" with the unresolved issues in their lives. LivingWorks suicide to Hope empowers professionals to help them address these issues so they can recover, grow, and stay safe and alive in the long term.

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Each day, a LivingWorks suicide to Hope workshop takes place somewhere in the world! If there isn't already one scheduled in your area, we can work with you to bring training to your organization or community.

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