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ASIST and safeTALK Trainers and suicide to Hope Facilitators  provide participants with their names and ID numbers, which are searchable on this page. This indicates that your trainer or facilitator has completed a standardized training course, is committed to upholding LivingWorks' standard of excellence, and is dedicated to maintaining active status.

The search contains ID's for all active trainers and facilitators. They have the option of publishing their names as well. If you cannot locate your trainer's or facilitator's number or name in the search, please contact an ASIST or safeTALK or suicide to Hope program administrator for assistance.

If you are in distress and are searching for someone who can help you, please visit our resource page. There are crisis resources available around the world to provide guidance and support.

Note to Trainers and Facilitators:  Your ID will show if you are active.  To share more information with the public, please login to the member area and update your information.

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Contact ID Name Email Location Telephone Qualifications
80 Gary Mcconahay [email protected] Grants Pass, Oregon, USA   ASIST, suicide to Hope
105     Alberta, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK
111     Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
113 Dave Cail [email protected] Browns Yard, New Brunswick, Canada   ASIST
132 Gerry Dooley [email protected] ASIST, safeTALK
141     Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada   ASIST
151 Carmen Carlucci [email protected] Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 204 945 2616 ASIST
165 Tarie Kinzel [email protected] Calgary, Alberta, Canada   safeTALK
186 Lucia Lee [email protected] Campbellford, Ontario, Canada 905 435 7638 ASIST, safeTALK
194 Tracey Foster [email protected] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
196 Renee Ouimet [email protected] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK
212 Enid Robins-Holm [email protected] Nepean, Ontario, Canada 613 226 1436 ASIST
240     Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
247 Celine Desjardins [email protected] Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 819 790 9549 ASIST
277 Gregory Zed [email protected] Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada 506 432 2071 ASIST
303 Frank Campbell [email protected] Lacombe, Louisiana, USA 225 413 9018 ASIST, suicide to Hope
306 Marlene Niskala marleneni[email protected] Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 905 728 4685 or 905 431 1431 ASIST, safeTALK
321     Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada   ASIST
344 Joanne Ledoux-Moshonas [email protected] Cornwall, Ontario, Canada 613 933 5845 ASIST, safeTALK
351 Louise Belanger [email protected] Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 306 655 5384 ASIST
357 Pat Conrad   Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada   ASIST
369     Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada   ASIST
387     Calgary, Alberta, Canada   ASIST
395     Calgary, Alberta, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK
400     Calgary, Alberta, Canada   ASIST
403 Devon Tayler [email protected] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK, suicide to Hope
494       ASIST
514 Kathryn Vanboskirk [email protected] Sedona, Arizona, USA 928 284 2608 ASIST, suicide to Hope
539 Kathleen Snyder [email protected] Plumas Lake, Yuba, California, USA 916 316 2076 ASIST, safeTALK
628 Michael Bossenberry [email protected] San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, California, USA 805 540 6541 ASIST

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