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ASIST and safeTALK Trainers and suicide to Hope Facilitators  provide participants with their names and ID numbers, which are searchable on this page. This indicates that your trainer or facilitator has completed a standardized training course, is committed to upholding LivingWorks' standard of excellence, and is dedicated to maintaining active status.

The search contains ID's for all active trainers and facilitators. They have the option of publishing their names as well. If you cannot locate your trainer's or facilitator's number or name in the search, please contact an ASIST or safeTALK or suicide to Hope program administrator for assistance.

Active ASIST and safeTALK Trainers can lead a suicideTALK session. Please contact a trainer in your area for more information.

If you are in distress and are searching for someone who can help you, please visit our resource page. There are crisis resources available around the world to provide guidance and support.

Note to Trainers and Facilitators:  Your ID will show if you are active.  To share more information with the public, please login to the member area and update your information.

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Contact ID Name Email Location Telephone Qualifications
2242 Jane Wiggins [email protected] Harrisonburg, Rockingham, Virginia, USA 540 568 8901 ASIST
2256     Barrie, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
2265 Robert Heard [email protected] Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
2409 Wendy Rafuse [email protected] Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
2436 Nicole Miller [email protected] Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Canada 306 882 2672 ASIST
2507     San Antonio, Texas, USA   ASIST
2554 Patricia Marra-Stapleton [email protected] Newmarket, Ontario, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK
2572     Singapore, Singapore   ASIST
2577     Guelph, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
2585 Monica Kintigh [email protected] Fort Worth, Texas, USA   ASIST, safeTALK
2600 Victor Nowoselski [email protected] Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada   ASIST
3063 Lisa Bois [email protected] Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada   ASIST
5135       ASIST, safeTALK
7687     Calgary, Alberta, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK
7696 David Pina [email protected] University Place, Pierce, Washington, USA 360 440 8352 ASIST, safeTALK
7704 Joe Johnston   Green Valley, Pima, Arizona, USA   ASIST
7707 Deborah Lindsay [email protected] San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA 210 542 8811 safeTALK
7746     Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
7747     Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
7772 Blair Paul [email protected] Membertou, Nova Scotia, Canada 902 564 6466 ASIST
7777 Leslie (Lea) Childerhose [email protected] North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada   ASIST
7782 Renee Schmidt [email protected] Jasper, Alberta, Canada 306 539 6820 ASIST, safeTALK, suicide to Hope
7799 Tom Hardy [email protected] West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada 306 526 0440 ASIST
7807 Glen Bloomstrom   Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 612 824 1395 ASIST, safeTALK
7845 Brent Katigan [email protected] Washington, Oklahoma, USA 405 664 7857 ASIST
7859 France Daigle [email protected] Cocagne, New Brunswick, Canada 506 866 4099 ASIST, safeTALK
7897 Lyndsay Wells [email protected] Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada 250 753 2495 ASIST
7908 Jerry Swanner [email protected] Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA 910 867 8822 ASIST, safeTALK
7911 Lori Veltkamp [email protected] Brockville, Ontario, Canada 613 865 7650 ASIST
7976 Kathy Foley [email protected] ASIST, safeTALK

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