ASIST Trainer Reactivation

“An Inactive Trainer can become an Active Trainer again through the process of Reactivation – you may be wondering, “What are the steps to Reactivation?”

Reactivation is a mentored process, approved by the ASIST Reactivation Coordinator. This mentored process ensures that the Inactive Trainer receives adequate support and guidance by a mentor who can then affirm the trainer’s engagement with standard ASIST facilitation. The length of time away from delivering ASIST and your previous experiences with ASIST will determine how reactivation will proceed for you.

The ASIST Reactivation Coordinator will develop a reactivation action plan and share this with you. You will be required to commit to completing the plan as outlined. The process may involve observing a workshop delivered by a mentor and then sharing a workshop delivery. The mentor is required to complete a report on the outcome of the reactivating trainers’ efforts at reactivation. This report form will be provided to the approved ASIST mentor once the plan for mentorship is finalized.

In some cases where the length of time away from facilitating ASIST is longer than a three year period of time, a trainer may benefit most from attending an ASIST Training for Trainers session to be steeped in the process of training.

If you wish to reactivate, please fill out the form below.

Please submit the following form so that the ASIST Reactivation Coordinator can respond to you and know adequate information about your background and situation.

Trainer Information

Your full name

Your previous names utilized on the LivingWorks Member Site

Your primary mailing address. Please include city, province/state, country and postal/zip code.

Your phone number (please provide one we can reach you with during regular business hours)

Your preferred (primary) email

Background Information

If you know, please tell us why you are not an active trainer (respond to each question below).

When was your last ASIST Workshop? (Format mm/dd/yr)

Provide the first and last name of at least one, preferably three trainers who you have delivered ASIST workshops with in the past. 

What, if any, have been the circumstances that got in the way of ASIST workshop facilitation over the last months? 

Has something changed (i.e., return from a leave or deployment, resources, call to action) that is now enabling you to train in your community once again?  

What, if any, have been the reasons for not submitting training reports? Please describe circumstances.

Definition of a Mentor

A mentor is identified as an ASIST trainer who is in good standing with LivingWorks as a registered active trainer who has facilitated 10 or more ASIST workshops.  A prospective mentor must be approved by the ASIST Reactivation Coordinator.

If Yes, please state their names and contact information. If No, LivingWorks will attempt to identify a mentor(s) in your area.

For those individuals that engage in ASIST mentorships in order to become Active Trainers again, there may be a fee for service related to your mentorship payable to your mentor.